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Order Submission working
7/01/2020  |  Company  

Customers can now submit orders through the site.

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Orders not submitting
6/01/2020  |  Company  

Orders are not currently being submitted

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We're moving
11/11/2019  |  Company  

We're moving locations/Closure

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JB Metro Supplier Awards 2019
3/10/2019  |  Company

JB Metropolitan Distributors Supplier Awards night was held 20th September 2019

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To our loyal customers
22/01/2019  |  Company

To our loyal customers.

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Damage to structure Update
3/01/2019  |  Company

Damage to structure Update

JB suffered catastophic damage in the hail storm on the 20th December

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Damage to structure
21/12/2018  |  Company

Damage to structure was sustained in the storm of 20/12/18

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23/10/2018  |  Company

Cost of freight for interstate to go up on 1st November.

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Power down
12/04/2018  |  Company  

Power outage means server is down.

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Retailer Tradeshow
4/04/2018  |  Company  

JB Metropolitan Distributors, Retailer Tradeshow

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